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About The Artist  &Mission 

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BWB’s Memoir 

"How To Breathe While Suffocating

A Story of Overcoming from Addiction, Recovering from Trauma and Healing my Soul."


Available on pre-order now!!!

Coming Internationally April 9th 2024

Audio Book Version coming July 2024

BWB.POSITIVITY has been nominated for the 2024 Cheer Choice Awards in the categories of "Top Fundraiser" and "Overall Mindfulness"

Join Bruce at the award show in person with 30% of tickets by using the code CHEERCHOICE30 (case sensitive) by clicking the link below. We hope to see you there.


Bruce W. Brackett (BWB) is a social media personality, author, entrepreneur, self-taught visual artist, and international motivational speaker. BWB’s upcoming memoir, “How To Breathe While Suffocating: A Story of Overcoming Addiction, Recovering From Trauma, and Healing my Soul” is being published by WILEY and will be released April 9th, 2024. Originally from southwest Montana, BWB moved to NYC at the age of 18 to pursue his dreams of being on Broadway. After many distractions, making it to Off-Broadway, and developing several addictions, meth being a big one, BWB found his true calling and his way back to sobriety through art and by advocating for recovery to his online audience of over 1.4 million people.This online community of recovery fuels BWB’s love, passion, creativity, and mission to share positivity and the possibilities of recovery.

Bruce has sold his artwork and “Negativity Be Gone” hand fans to people in all 50 of the United States and in over 14 countries. BWB now resides with his partner, Teo, and his tuxedo cat, DionE, in the Pocono Mountains as well as in New York City.


BWB is a Certified International Motivational Speaker, focusing on overcoming Mental Health and Addiction Diseases. How to Beat Bullying. Solutions in Trauma... and more.


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"Art has helped me overcome many horribly difficult journeys. 

I am sure I am not alone there. It's the power of choice. I choose to take the time to create great work that brings joy and hopefully joy for many others for many years to come.


As a survivor of Abuse, Addiction, and Mental Health Issues, it is my responsibility to show others that we do recover." - BWB

For Custom Art orders, please email me at  You may insert your ideas, photos, wants or any questions you may have. We will move forward with your desired painting from there. 


Do your Best, Do No Harm, and Do for yourself every single day so that you can do for others. If you can’t do for others, that just means you need to be doing for yourself right now and that is OKAY!

Negativity Be Gone! 









Thank you for your time and for visiting BWB Art!  We hope you enjoyed it and look forward to hearing from you!  

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